Comparison: the differences between our soft mattress topper and our memory foam mattress topper

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Among our bedding products, we offer 3 mattress toppers with very different characteristics. But how do you know without testing it? And which one will be best suited to your morphology?

In this article we have compared 2 of them, our 2 mattress toppers made in Brittany, the Soft and the Memory , which one is made for you?

First of all, in order to refine your searches, you will have to take into account different criteria:

  • The cover: the Soft and Memory mattress toppers are made of a cotton cover, lined with microfibers to give softness, a puffy appearance and of course ventilation to your bedding. The cover is removable with its zip on ¾ of the product.

  • The inner soul: we insert two different foams according to the customer's choice according to the desired comfort. Soft foam ( Soft ) or memory foam ( Memory ).

For people with joint and muscle problems, we recommend the memory foam mattress topper , which will be the most suitable choice.

For those wishing to add a soft and comfortable touch to their mattress, the microfiber filling of the envelope mixed with the soft high resilience foam will do the job very well, for this the Soft meets all your expectations.

  • The dimensions: for a mattress topper it's very simple, you just have to choose it in the same dimensions as your mattress, for example for a 160x200cm mattress you will choose a 160x200cm mattress topper .

  • Thickness: as a general rule, a thickness of 4cm is the absolute minimum to seek for a comfort mattress topper. But you will enjoy real quality and better comfort between 6 and 8 cm thick. On this point, our 2 Soft and Memory mattress toppers are made in the same way and are both 7 cm thick, cover included.

Now we are going to look at your morphology and your needs.

Do you have a build that needs more support? In this case, the Memory model will bring you an enveloping and sustained reception at the same time. Do you want your mattress topper to follow the curves of your body? Once again it is the Memory mattress topper that you should favor. Rather looking for extra softness for your mattress ? The Soft model , light and flexible, will provide you with exceptional comfort .

Finally, maintenance is an important part of the hygiene of your bedding , on this point our 2 mattress toppers are identical. Fully removable, the cotton cover of the Soft and MemoryBdreams mattress toppers is machine washable, delicate cold cycle. All you have to do is remember to remove the foam plate before washing. Our cotton envelope is lined with microfiber with a non-woven fabric to retain it, so drying must be done in the open air. We recommend washing once or twice a year as for the cover of our Bdreams mattress.

Summary Soft VS Memory:


- More suitable for small and medium builds

-Ultra plush with low support

-Lightweight, perfect for both summer and winter

-Preferred for stomach sleepers

-Removable and washable cover

-From 179€


-Adapts to all body types

- Enveloping with adapted morphological support

-Preferred for side and back sleepers

-Removable and washable cover

-From 179€

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