How to choose your mattress on the internet?

choisir son matelas

Many brands, many choices, which model to buy, what budget to devote to it? Finding the right mattress for you is far from easy, and yet there are great deals to be had on the web! In this article we will give you some recommendations to guide you in your choice.

You look at comparators that show you “The best mattresses of the year”, it is already a good food for thought but beware, the ideal mattress may not be ideal for you! So how do you choose from a multi-brand offer?

The bulk of online bedding brands happen to be, for the most part, from the startup and marketing backgrounds, not bedding experts . Fond of endless technical terms, they do not focus their efforts on adapting their advice to sleepers. This does not mean that their products are not of high quality or suitable for what you need. But let's refocus the talk on the mattress and your sleep habits .

Because, as with choosing clothing, the morphological aspect takes on major importance when choosing a mattress . The weight, the corpulence, will define the comfort and the foam most adapted to your morphology. For example, for a heavy person, a supported mattress that can absorb the weight will be the best choice. In this case, we will direct towards our Energik mattress which will be the most adapted to this morphology.

Behind the Bdreams brand there is a team, and above all people who are there to give you the advice you need when buying mattresses on the internet. We advise you to call us as soon as you have the slightest doubt in your choice, we will be happy to guide you.

You have to find the right price for the product you are going to buy. At Bdreams our products are made in France , Belgium and Spain, our prices are fair, which is why we only offer major promotions during high times (sales, black friday) and not beyond 40%.

Another limit is the choice, unlike traditional brands, online bedding brands generally only sell one model in different sizes. No more variations of ranges, these manufacturers are betting everything on a single mattress! It is therefore between the brands and according to the characteristics of their product that it will be necessary to decide.

Bdreams offers 5 mattresses with different characteristics for different sleepers, semi-firm mattress with the Energik , soft mattress with the Universel and memory foam mattress with the Osmoz , firm mattress with the Essential , hybrid mattress with the Cosmos . It's up to you to detail the characteristics of each one and to refine your final choice.

The key to choosing your mattress is to try it! The ideal mattress for everyone does not exist. The choice of a mattress is very personal and depends on many criteria, including morphology, habits, but also feelings. A good mattress must be comfortable and, above all, provide good support for the spine to avoid back pain. “But how can I try it if I buy it online?”

Tell yourself one thing, at Bdreams you have 100 trial nights , and there are no small lines in the contract! Once received you have 100 nights to try your mattress and see your nights change for the better, and if not you can return it easily and for free!

Do you live in Ille-et-Vilaine? If you have any hesitation, come meet us and try your future mattress directly at the showroom in Liffré , we are open Monday to Saturday.

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