Which sleeping position is right for you?

les meilleures positions de sommeil

The choice of the ideal sleeping position is of crucial importance, beyond a history of comfort it allows to obtain a restful sleep and avoid back pain when waking up . Depending on each person's build, age and health conditions, some sleeping positions are more recommended than others, in this new article we invite you to discover which sleeping position would be best for you. better.

  • Position on the back :

Sleeping on your back is considered one of the healthiest positions because it promotes the natural alignment of the spine. This is the ideal position for enjoying good quality rest and for people with muscle aches or pains. For this position, it is recommended to use a support pillow such as the Douceur pillow to maintain the natural curve of the neck and head. A pillow that is too thick can cause the neck to bend too much, while a pillow that is too flat can create excessive tension. A medium-firm mattress , such as our Essential pocket spring mattress , is generally the most suitable for supporting the back while allowing a certain level of comfort. Sleeping on your back will encourage snoring, this position is also not recommended for people suffering from sleep apnea .

  • Position on the side:

Sleeping on your side is also a popular position (more than 60% of the population), but it requires proper spinal alignment to avoid back pain . For this position, it is advisable to use a medium-firm pillow , such as a memory foam pillow , which will keep the head and neck perfectly aligned with the spine. The pillow should be thick enough to fill the space between the shoulder and the ear. Sleeping on the side generally tends to put more weight on our pressure points, but these symptoms can be greatly reduced, especially by investing in a medium firm mattress with support zones such as a memory foam mattress or a half-foam half-pocket spring hybrid .

Do you know ? Sleeping on the left side, due to the position of our organs, can improve digestion and reduce heartburn.

  • Position on the stomach:

Sleeping on your stomach can be problematic, it is the least recommended sleeping position as it can lead to excessive curvature of the spine and tension in the neck. It is better to try changing positions if you regularly sleep on your stomach, it is also the least popular position in France with only 17% of the population. However, if you prefer this position and if it does not cause you lower back pain or stiff neck, it is recommended to use a flat pillow or even without it to reduce the pressure on the neck. A medium firm mattress can help avoid arching problems by keeping the body in a more neutral position, the soft mattress should be avoided.

  • Position in fetal position:

Sleeping in the fetal position, where you are curled up on your side with your knees bent, is another common position, a variation of the side position. The advice is the same as for a side position, however be aware that the fetal position has a disadvantage, if you contract your back too much pain will be felt when you wake up in the lower back but also in your abdomen.

In conclusion, there is no ideal position... There are as many types of sleeping positions as there are types of sleepers and the ideal sleeping position for you will depend essentially on the comfort you prefer, your morphology, whether you suffer from pain… We hope this article will help you enjoy better quality rest and, if you have any suggestions for better sleep, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

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