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10 tips to help you cope with Jetlag

Faire face au Jetlag

Before the journey

First determine whether you will be early or late in your sleep schedule. For example, if you go east, you will be ahead of phase. It will therefore be wise to go to bed gradually earlier each evening before departure.

If you are in France and you go to Bombay (3 hours jet lag), you have 3 days to go and try to get used to falling asleep 3 hours earlier. Conversely if you travel west

During the flight

  1. Dress comfortably to be as comfortable as possible
  2. Avoid alcohol, coffee and sleeping pills during the trip. These substances are known to disrupt the quality of sleep. Prefer a relaxing herbal tea like the one offered at Yogamatata :
  3. Drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated.
  4. Eat light during the trip. This will allow you not to fall asleep at any time and avoid digestive problems.
  5. Remember to move around in the plane to promote venous return.
  6. Set your watch to the time of the destination country during the flight to gradually accustom your brain to the new rhythm.

Arrived at destination

Start eating three meals a day following the new time zone, even if that means eating cornflakes at 11 p.m. local time.
Take advantage of daylight as much as possible. Daylight helps you feel good and recharge the batteries. Unless you have had a sleepless night in which case rest is essential.
Exercise to boost endorphins and feel better and take the stress out of a long flight, why not Yoga for a smooth start.

With all these useful tips, you can fully enjoy your vacation!

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