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How to choose the right mattress for optimal comfort?

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Sleep has become almost as important to our body as food. A recent study revealed that an adult who sleeps 7 to 9 hours significantly improves their mental and physical health. To fully recharge your batteries during the night, you must first and foremost choose the right mattress .

The importance of the mattress for quality sleep, the French brand Bdreams has understood. Since 2012, their main objectives have been to offer you a quality of rest and optimal comfort in your bed. Their entire team is there to help you choose bedding that suits you in every way. Four main elements must be taken into account: composition, support, morphology and finally the quality/price ratio.

Choose your mattress with a composition of French quality

In France, there are mainly three components:

  • foam (polyether or polyurethane);
  • natural (rubber tree sap) or synthetic (petroleum derivative) latex;
  • springs (pocketed, non-pocketed, multi-coil).

Each element will determine the properties of your bedding . To choose the right mattress, you need to know the characteristics of these components. Latex is an elastic compound. It will marry the shapes of your profile. The springs meanwhile provide a firm and sturdy bed. Finally, the foam provides an intermediate bedding that is perfect for most sleepers.

The French company Bdreams has opted for open cell foam materials. This design gives you comfort and support while you sleep. Sufficiently breathable, it naturally regulates the temperature of your drowsy body. As a guarantee of quality, the polyurethane foam is also durable. The thoughtful design of Bdreams mattresses promises you countless peaceful nights .

Opt for bedding adapted to your morphology

In your quest for the perfect bedding, you will certainly hear about the notions of support or firmness. We explain to you!

Support refers to the stability of your bedding to prevent sagging. It is essential to choose a mattress with good support to avoid back pain.

At Bdreams, support is provided by a double layer of foam . There is a first layer of 16 cm of polyurethane foam, then a second layer of 6 to 8 cm of contact foam. Thanks to this concept, their mattresses are incredibly comfortable.

Firmness relates more to how you feel at bedtime. Is your bed comfortable for you? You should opt for bedding in which you feel perfectly comfortable.

There are 5 different degrees of firmness:

  • Very firm
  • Farm
  • Balance
  • Soft
  • Very flexible

Determining the firmness of your mattress is a matter of taste, but also, and above all, of morphology . Your bed must be adapted to your weight as well as your height. It should be neither too firm nor too flexible to ensure proper support for your spine .

Bdreams offers 3 specific categories of mattresses available in several sizes.

  1. The Energik mattress, semi-firm and a tonic reception.
  2. The Universal model, soft with optimal support.
  3. The Osmoz model, enveloping and ultra breathable.

Adopt tailor-made with a shape memory bed

The shape memory bed can be a wise alternative for choosing the right mattress. Indeed, it is specifically composed of a viscoelastic and thermosensitive foam . It adapts perfectly to the morphology of the sleeper according to his body heat. If he changes position, the foam returns to its original shape and readjusts to the contours of his body.

Bdreams uses this technology in the manufacture of its Universal and Osmoz mattresses. For the Universal, a layer of memory foam is integrated between two layers of polyurethane foam. The Osmoz, on the other hand, is composed of a layer of memory foam and 16 cm of high resilience foam serving as support.

Buy a mattress at the right price on the Internet

The cost of a mattress varies between a few hundred euros to more than 2,500 euros. Be careful, the most exorbitant prices do not necessarily coincide with top-of-the-range beds. In order to opt for comfortable bedding, you will find excellent products on the Internet for less than 500 euros.

At Bdreams, the manufacturer has chosen to offer only 3 categories of high quality mattresses. It favors the qualitative over the quantitative. Thanks to a meticulous selection of their materials, they manufacture comfortable items at the right price . This balance is a priority for them.

You have just discovered the four essential elements for choosing the right mattress . Don't hesitate to come and benefit from the advice of the Bdreams bedding experts in their showroom in Liffré (35) or on their Bdreams website.

Excerpt from the article published on o February 23, 2022


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