How to clean a mattress effectively?

Nettoyer un matelas

Are you looking for tips on how to clean a mattress effectively and simply? We reveal 6 unstoppable tips for perfect cleaning!

All our tips for cleaning a mattress effectively

How to clean a mattress effectively ? The mattress does not only welcome our sleep: we can have breakfast there, play with our children or even welcome our pet. It is therefore important to take care of it, maintain it and clean it regularly so that it remains clean and comfortable over the years. Bdreams explains how to clean your mattress with 6 grandmother's tips !

Daily maintenance of your mattress

Finding a mattress that suits you is already a complicated enough task, so as soon as you have found the rare pearl, you have to take care of it! Cleaning your mattress effectively is more than just a question of hygiene: it's also a question of the longevity of the bedding . In addition, a light daily maintenance makes it possible to space out deep cleanings. To start, it is recommended to air your room every morning for about fifteen minutes, with the sheets in the open air and the duvet folded up at the end of the mattress. We also recommend that you regularly vacuum the foot of your bed to remove dust, hair and other residue. To kill dust mites, steam cleaning the mattress is recommended. To take care of your bedding , a waterproof mattress protector is also very effective as a protective barrier. It is advisable to change your bed linen at least once a week and to turn your mattress every two months.

6 tips for cleaning your mattress effectively

Disinfect with soda crystals

To clean and disinfect a mattress effectively , you must start by disinfecting it thoroughly with soda crystals . Immerse a sponge in a mixture of one liter of hot water and two glasses of soda crystals, wring it out well, then scrub your mattress. This eliminates stubborn stains and avoids streaks . Rinse with a simple cloth soaked in hot water. Be careful to bring gloves for this task, because the soda crystals irritate the skin!

Deep clean with white vinegar

White vinegar is a well-known multi-purpose stain remover for effectively cleaning a mattress . Mix lukewarm water (about 200 ml) with 50 cl of white vinegar and two drops of washing-up liquid. As with soda crystals, wring your sponge well and rub the mattress to unclog stains . Also rinse with a damp cloth.

Say goodbye to urine stains with baking soda and white vinegar

Has your child wet the bed? Against traces of urine , we recommend that you sprinkle sodium bicarbonate on the halo to absorb the liquid, then vacuum and spray white vinegar on the stain. The sooner you act, the more you can prevent mattress deterioration . After cleaning the mattress effectively , leave it in the open air to ventilate the fibers and remove odors .

Remove stains with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is intractable against encrusted stains on a mattress ! It is an abrasive stain remover so wear gloves to protect the skin of your hands. Then lightly soak a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the stain. Leave to act, rinse thoroughly and dry your mattress. To prevent halos from forming after this operation, it is recommended to clean your mattress effectively and completely using the two previous tips.

Remove bad odors with baking soda

Whether it is to eliminate sweat odors or the scent of cleaning products , you can use baking soda. Sprinkle it on your mattress and let this sanitizer work for about 5 hours. Remove any excess with a vacuum cleaner, shovel or broom. It is always important to remove bad odors from your bedding after cleaning a mattress effectively .

Absorb moisture with talc

Your mattress cleaning is complete and you have rinsed. All you have to do is remove all the remaining moisture before covering your mattress with your sheets! For this, use talc: it has absorbent properties to suck up moisture while giving a sweet scent to your bedding. Sprinkle talc on your freshly cleaned mattress, leave on all day and remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner. You have a mattress like new!


Cleaning a mattress effectively does not require so much time if you carry out regular maintenance: these are small daily reflexes that allow you to eliminate traces of wear, stains and other odors. And if you have any questions about choosing your mattress, contact our Bdreams team !

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