Memory foam mattress topper: how to choose it?

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Find out how to choose a memory foam mattress topper that is perfectly suited to your needs for restful rest and quality sleep!

How to choose a memory foam mattress topper?

Do you want to buy a memory foam mattress topper , but you don't know how to decide on a model? You don't know what criteria to take into account? Even if it's not the main piece of your bedding , a mattress topper perfectly adapted to your needs can make all the difference when you sleep! Bdreams tells you how and why to choose a memory foam mattress topper .

What is a mattress topper used for?

What is the use of a memory foam mattress topper ? Its main role is to protect your mattress against shocks, stains, dust mites and residue. The mattress topper also extends the longevity of your mattress . With this extra layer of protection, you get a better night's sleep . The advantage is that if your mattress starts to age, you don't necessarily need to change it immediately! A mattress topper provides thickness, density and more comfort. It offers a softer welcome without modifying the quality of support of your mattress. So even if it is not essential, a simple mattress topper can transform each bed into a cocoon of relaxation , whether you are looking for more flexibility or firmness, additional warmth or more softness!

Why choose a memory foam mattress topper?

A memory foam mattress topper offers multiple benefits for sleepers thanks to the technology of its viscoelastic foam . It is formulated to adapt to your morphology and has a strong capacity for resilience (which means that it returns to its initial position as soon as you move). For starters, this type of mattress topper helps reduce muscle tension , so it's a good investment for people who suffer from back pain. It also improves blood circulation for more restful sleep and relieves pressure points through proper distribution of your body weight. A memory foam mattress topper is particularly useful if you and your partner have different builds! By adapting to the shape of your body, the memory foam mattress topper provides optimal comfort for all sleepers.

The criteria to take into account for a mattress topper

You have already chosen a model: the memory foam mattress topper . Now, you must take into account 4 additional criteria to find THE mattress adapted to your specific needs:

  • The dimensions : you must choose a memory foam mattress topper that is your size. Models that can be attached to the four corners of the mattress using rubber bands offer greater comfort in use. Your mattress topper should therefore be the same size as your mattress in width, height and length.
  • Thickness : the thickness of memory foam mattress toppers varies between 2 and 10 cm. Generally, it is recommended to choose a model at least 4 cm thick, but not to exceed 8 cm so that the bedding is not too soft.
  • Density : the higher the density for a mattress topper , the firmer the mattress topper will be and vice versa. For a memory foam mattress, the foam should ideally be greater than or equal to 40 kg/m³.
  • The composition: a mattress topper with a synthetic cover will be cooler in summer, while natural materials such as bamboo fiber offer great comfort. Choose according to your needs and desires.


You now know why it can be useful to buy a mattress topper , and particularly to turn to a memory foam mattress topper . Define the dimensions, density, thickness and composition that suits your needs to find the ideal mattress topper ! Do not hesitate to contact our Bdreams team if you have any questions about choosing your bedding!

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