Why choose a mattress topper?

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Discover all the advantages of mattress toppers to improve the quality of your sleep and protect your aging bedding!

Why choose a mattress topper? All benefits

Very common at the time of our grandparents, the mattress topper is no longer considered an essential bedding accessory . And yet! Choosing a mattress topper can mean the difference between rocky sleep and restful rest. In this article, find out why and how to choose a mattress topper !

The use of the mattress topper in bedding

What is a mattress topper ? It is a very thin mattress (maximum 8 to 10 cm) which is placed between your mattress and your fitted sheet. It attaches easily to the four corners of the bed with small rubber bands . The mattress topper can be synthetic or memory foam, latex, down or feather. It aims to discreetly increase the level of comfort of your bedding . When it is well chosen, it improves the quality of sleep without affecting the depth and optimizes the support of your body while lying down. If you have a mattress that is too old, too firm or too soft , the mattress topper compensates for this firmness imbalance . It softens the welcome and more evenly distributes the various pressure points to relieve your neck, your back and your joints. This complement to the mattress also protects your bedding and extends its life!

The advantages of the mattress topper

Choosing a mattress topper is choosing a better quality of sleep ! Indeed, this accessory offers many advantages for sleepers, of which here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Sleep protection : the mattress topper protects your mattress from wear, stains, dirt and dust. Very practical to install and remove, the mattress topper is easy to clean for good sleep hygiene. There are machine washable models and plenty of home cleaning solutions to simply maintain your bedding and extend its life.
  • Better hygiene : since it is easy to maintain, the mattress topper limits the proliferation of bacteria and dust mites. Damage and perspiration stains also do not affect your mattress.
  • Increased comfort : do you know why beds in luxury hotels are so comfortable? The mattress topper! It gives softness to mattresses that are too firm or compensates for a lack of firmness by bringing a little softness. If you have an old mattress, but can't change it right away, this is a great way to enjoy improved comfort.
  • DISTRIBUTION OF PRESSURE POINTS : This bedding accessory promotes better redistribution of pressure points to relieve your back, joints, muscles and neck. You benefit from a more relaxed and therefore more restorative sleep. By stimulating blood circulation, it hugs every body shape and distributes weight more evenly.
  • Practical and modular : the mattress topper allows sleeping independence and adapts to your needs. There are also models for all budgets.

Choose a mattress topper according to your needs

What are the criteria to consider when choosing a mattress topper adapted to your needs? The right mattress topper can make all the difference between restless sleep and restful sleep ! There are 3 main ones:

  • The dimensions : they must be identical to those of your mattress. For more sleeping independence, it is entirely possible to install two single mattress toppers on a double bed.
  • The thickness : it generally varies between 2 and 8 cm. A greater thickness is rarely recommended so as not to have the feeling of sinking when lying down.
  • Filling : there are natural materials (such as goose feathers, duck feathers, bamboo fibers or cotton) or synthetic materials (such as foam or latex). Natural materials provide warmth and softness, while synthetic materials are known for their hypoallergenic properties. Memory foam is particularly recommended for back pain.


The mattress topper has therefore become a key element for all quality bedding : very practical and economical, it is an excellent solution for improving the comfort of your bed without investing in a new mattress. If you can't choose the mattress topper that suits your needs, contact our Bdreams team to take advantage of our tailor-made advice!

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