How to choose your mattress topper?

choisir un surmatelas

With the awareness of the importance of sleep on our health, the mattress topper has made a remarkable appearance on the large bedding market.

Why choose a mattress topper ? Placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet, the mattress topper gives us an extra layer of comfort. It also fulfills the function of protecting the mattress very well. And, no, despite the prejudices that stick to his skin, he doesn't make us sweat more!

The benefits of a mattress topper?

The mattress topper gives you extra comfort at your individual choice. It prolongs the life and protects the mattress. It retains the hygiene and quality of a mattress (easier to ventilate and wash than the mattress). From a combination of two different mattresses, the mattress topper gives you the feeling of sleeping on a non-separate mattress. This therefore makes it possible to install a harder mattress and a softer mattress in the same bed, without feeling the separation between the two mattresses. The mattress topper is easy to turn over, it is possible to wash it (if the mattress topper has a removable cover). You can easily take it out of the bedroom and put it in the open air... Making the bed is easier! A good tip: a mattress topper can sometimes even accompany you on vacation!

The different types of mattress toppers

The mattress topper is ideal if you have just acquired a mattress that is too firm, which does not relieve your muscles and which causes muscle tension.

Memory foam mattress toppers

The main objective of the (synthetic) memory foam mattress topper is to reduce all of your muscle tension. Indeed, it adapts to the different shapes of your body. If you have some physical problems and more particularly back pain, it is this type of mattress topper that we recommend. Mattress toppers made from synthetic materials such as latex, foam are much cooler in summer (retain less heat). Mattress toppers made with natural materials are however more comfortable (more light).

Latex mattress toppers

The latex (synthetic) mattress topper provides a certain firmness, however be careful not to choose it too firm as it will lack comfort and softness.
The mattress topper is made of microfiber (synthetic), its main feature is to provide softer comfort and offer an affordable price. Less breathable than a down/feather mattress topper and less pleasant, it will nevertheless offer a small layer of comfort which will relieve pressure and provide more softness.
Mattress toppers made of natural materials such as cotton, duck down, bamboo and feather are the best-selling ones. They are the softest and most comfortable, but have the disadvantage, in summer, of retaining heat.

Foam mattress toppers

The foam mattress toppers are removable and their cover can be easily washed in the washing machine. They can be kept for more than 10 years. Feather and down mattress toppers can be cleaned in very large capacity washing machines in the laundromat or given to the dry cleaners.
Whatever the type of mattress topper, do not forget to check the dimensions of your mattress before acquiring one and keep in mind that the latter remains an option and does not exempt you from having a box spring and a quality mattress. Find the right mattress topper and you will gain in comfort, in the life of your bedding, and in quality of sleep.

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