Which pillow to choose by type of sleeper

quel oreiller est fait pour vous

Filling, envelope, position, comfort are the many points to study before buying your pillow . In this article we will give you the keys to find the ideal pillow and transform your nights!

Your sleeping position is not as trivial as it seems, in fact it will have a direct impact on your health. It can affect breathing, spinal alignment, and cause lower back pain upon awakening. The choice of your pillow is therefore not to be neglected for a zero pain awakening.

Which sleeper are you?

  • I sleep on the side: your pillow must be thick and firm. When you sleep on your side, if your pillow is too soft, your spine will not be properly aligned and you therefore risk neck pain.
  • I sleep on my stomach: your pillow must be soft and flexible. If you sleep on your stomach with a pillow that is too thick, you risk causing aches or lower back pain.
  • I sleep on my back: your pillow should be neither too thick nor too thin. You risk tiring your muscles suddenly if you choose a pillow that is too high or too low, so choose a pillow that best matches the gap between your neck and the mattress.
  • I sleep on my side and back: your pillow should be firm and the right thickness between your neck and your mattress.

Beyond this comfort aspect, some people will have special needs, such as allergic sleepers or sleepers who sweat a lot, in this case the composition of the pillow will be important. A pillow made of feathers will not be recommended for people with allergies, it will be necessary to opt for a synthetic, latex or viscoelastic foam pillow. People who tend to sweat should opt for an easy-care pillow , in microfiber or viscoelastic foam with a removable cover, the cotton cover will be optimal because it rejects heat.

Which Bdreams pillow to choose?

You now know which type of pillow is made for you. But which of the Bdreams pillows :

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