Everything you need to know about mattress toppers

utilité d'un surmatelas

The mattress topper is an additional comfort for new or recent bedding , in good condition. You find it most of the time, offered with a stretch fabric, without filling, composed of a shape memory foam.

There are also different composition variants:

  • Polyester fiber: certainly inexpensive, but you need a minimum of 1500 gr/m² to really enjoy the comfort.
  • Feather and down: very soft but make sure you have a heavy weight per m2 so as not to suffer the crushing of feathers/down over time.
  • Latex: it is known for its plumpness and its elasticity, facilitating movement in bed. On the other hand, this material does not provide the feeling of softness of the foam mattress topper .
  • Shape memory foam : the most common material. Reduces pressure on aching joints with excellent comfort.
  • Soft foam : this is probably the most suitable technology for this accessory, which is both very comfortable and economically affordable.

Why use a mattress topper?

The mattress topper will instantly bring comfort to your mattress , it will not only soften the welcome, but also accompany your body regardless of the position you adopt to fall asleep. It is very effective in relieving back pain or other sensitive body parts: shoulders, pelvis; its flexibility means that it adapts to all morphologies.

The advantages of the mattress topper?

When we sleep, we release heat and humidity (perspiration) more or less depending on the person. Combined with our weight, these natural phenomena cause the top layers of all mattresses to deteriorate.

The mattress topper is not attached to the mattress , which will allow it to ventilate much better. Your bedding is much healthier . The foams offered in foam mattress toppers generally have densities greater than 30kg, so they are more resistant to natural phenomena (the density of a foam has very little impact on comfort, but has a direct relationship with durability) . As the mattress is no longer subjected to heat and nocturnal perspiration, its lifespan will considerably increase or even double.

Every year the French discard 5,000,000 tons of mattresses. The use of a mattress topper considerably reduces our environmental impact, reduces our consumption of products of fossil origin (foam) and allows you to make substantial savings. A mattress topper is easy to clean and change (on average every 6 years).

+ comfort + sleep hygiene + practical + ecological

Its use

First of all you need to choose a mattress topper the size of the mattress. Lay it on the mattress, add the bedding protection that will hold it easily without risk of slipping and add the fitted sheet . Check the height of the cap (30cm height recommended) to properly wrap the mattress/mattress topper assembly . Use the mattress topper on a mattress in good condition as it will not breathe new life into an already saggy mattress. You then have high-end, comfortable bedding for years.

Bdreams Mattress Topper

At Bdreams we offer 4 types of mattress toppers .

The conventional, a pure shape memory foam with a stretch fabric, The Rolls , with a non-slip face.

The Soft , composed of a cotton envelope lined with microfiber on each side, with its 3D fabric band for more breathability. It is reversible, well finished and above all very comfortable thanks to its 35kg hypersoft foam. It is unanimous!

The Memory, made of the same envelope as our Soft, is also reversible. With beautiful finishes, it is very comfortable for fans of memory foam. It is much appreciated!

And finally the Firm mattress topper , to compensate for the softness of a mattress or slow down its aging process.

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