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Foam mattress

Enjoy a peaceful and restorative sleep by choosing a quality foam mattress. For complete satisfaction, opt for Bdreams mattress models.

The foam mattress can be made of different types of materials, and its quality is determined by their density. If you don't know which foam mattress to choose , discover the properties of their main component below. You will also find the criteria to take into account to choose the foam mattress best suited to your needs.

What is the best foam mattress?

If the polyether foam mattress is the most economical of all, it is also the least durable. Its density can vary, but it remains below 30 kg/m³. The polyether foam mattress has a certain firmness. This is the reason why its use is reserved for babies, children or as an extra bed.

Compared with the polyether foam mattress, the polyurethane foam mattress is of better quality and will last longer. Its foam is also firmer and denser, between 25 and 60 kg/m³. Bdreams invites you to discover its Energik foam mattress.

A final type of mattress uses specific foam like technology. Often considered the best foam mattress, this is the memory foam mattress. There are several kinds of memory foam mattresses and they combine viscoelasticity with other materials to improve their performance. This is the case of the two Bdreams memory foam mattresses, the Universal mattress and the Osmoz mattress .

It is good to know that the density of the foam corresponds to the amount of material that constitutes the material. When it exceeds 35 kg/m³, it is said to be of high resilience.

Each of these mattresses is available in several sizes. If you are looking for a 140x190 mattress , a 90x190 mattress or even a 200x200 mattress , you will find the model you need at Bdreams.

How to choose your foam mattress?

Your foam mattress must be adapted to your size and your morphology. The standard sizes are the 90x190 mattress for a single bed and the 140x190 mattress for a double bed. Tall people should choose a mattress of at least 200 cm in length.

Bdreams offers you 3 types of foam mattresses. The Energik is made of a block of high resilience polyurethane foam. This foam mattress is designed to provide you with maximum support, while remaining economical and durable.

The other 2 types of Bdreams mattresses combine polyurethane foam with viscoelastic technology. The Universal mattress is composed of a central layer of memory foam, located between two layers of polyurethane foam.

As for the Osmoz model, it consists of a polyurethane foam mattress on which is mounted a layer of Viso Respirel foam. This upper layer combines breathability and shape memory for optimal comfort.

On the Bdreams website, you will also find different bedding accessories such as Bdreams pillows . The ultra soft foam mattress topper , the Soft , the Memory shape memory mattress topper and the Rolls mattress topper will protect your mattress from humidity while improving its reception if it is too firm.