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Back pain: which mattress to choose?

Matelas pour le mal de dos

Do you suffer from back pain? Discover 5 tips for choosing the ideal mattress to reduce back pain at night and when you wake up!

Which mattress to choose to fight against back pain?

Did you know that nearly 8 out of 10 French people suffer or will suffer from back pain? If you suffer from back pain or wake up with a swollen back , you may have unsuitable bedding. Find out how to choose a mattress for back pain to reduce your pain during the night and when you wake up!

Causes of back pain while sleeping

What is the connection between mattresses and back pain ? How can your bedding impact your health? Here are the 4 main causes:

  • Bedding in poor condition : Used bedding becomes deformed and no longer provides the necessary support for your body and your spine.
  • An ill-fitting mattress : If your mattress is in good condition, but you still suffer from pain, your mattress may be too firm or too soft. The distribution of the pressure points is then not optimal.
  • Bad sleeping position : A bad sleeping position can lead to back pain.
  • Health problems : if you suffer from chronic pain, it is all the more necessary to choose a special back pain mattress so as not to aggravate your problems!

Choosing a mattress for back pain: 5 criteria to take into account

The firmness

The firmness of the mattress is the most important criterion: it is the element that has the most impact on your back. A mattress for back pain should support your spine while allowing your body to relax: the sleeping position is healthy and relaxed . You must therefore choose a mattress that offers you a good reception (soft, firm or enveloping) and good support adapted to your build. In general, a mattress that is both firm and soft allows a good distribution of pressure points in the lower back and shoulders. Note that it is advisable to change your mattress every 10 years maximum: even the best mattress with the best maintenance ends up degrading over the years.

The composition of the mattress

The composition of a mattress will have an impact on its firmness and comfort, depending on the filling used. Combination materials ( cotton, linen, silk, wool) often offer good firmness with high quality. Memory foam is not a natural product, but is relevant in a mattress for back pain : it hugs your body shape, keeps your spine in its natural position and absorbs shocks. Pocket spring mattresses are also very recommended for back pain : the springs are wrapped in fabric and also support your body very well. To relieve back pain , you can also turn to hybrid mattresses , with springs and foam.

Your build

The third criterion to take into account when choosing your mattress for back pain is your build. Indeed, the higher your weight, the heavier your body will be and the more the mattress will sink during your sleep. Thus, a rather firm mattress is recommended for people of large build. Also take into account the possible imbalance of corpulence between you and your partner: it is then necessary to favor a large mattress for good sleeping independence , or even choose a double mattress to adapt the support of your bedding to each morphology.

Ventilation and temperature regulation

Did you know that the temperature is essential for quality sleep ? Indeed, a good temperature allows you to enjoy restful rest and better tolerate back pain on a daily basis. A mattress for back pain should regulate body temperature and therefore be breathable . Combine it with bedding and a bed base designed to promote good ventilation and better back support !

The dimensions

Even if your room is not very large, the dimensions of your mattress for back pain are important: a 140 cm wide mattress offers little individual space when sleeping together. A mattress of 160 to 180 cm therefore allows better quality sleep . You aren't bothered by your partner's movements, which could exacerbate your back pain by altering your body's natural movements and comfort.

Choosing a mattress for back pain requires a little time, and above all to learn about the characteristics of each model. If you would like advice on choosing the perfect mattress for you, contact our Bdreams team !

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