How to choose your mattress in 5 steps?

Choisir son matelas

You want to change mattresses, but you have trouble making your choice? We tell you how to choose the right mattress in 5 steps!

5 steps to choose your mattress according to your needs

Foam mattress , latex mattress or spring mattress : how to choose your mattress ? What are the criteria to take into account to benefit from the best possible quality of sleep ? Bdreams tells you everything in this article!

Why take the time to choose THE mattress?

We often minimize the importance of having a good mattress , when it is essential for many aspects of our lives. Choosing the right mattress helps relieve everyday back pain, fall asleep more quickly, enjoy more restorative sleep cycles, or even avoid being disturbed by your partner when he moves at night. Thanks to optimal comfort and quality sleep , you will be in better shape and you will finally be able to say goodbye to fatigue as soon as you wake up! In the long term, you will be less stressed and your body will cause you less pain.

Choosing the right mattress in 5 steps

Determine the firmness of the mattress

Many factors influence the choice of your mattress : your weight, your pain, the positions in which you like to sleep, etc. The firmness needs are then different. If you are overweight, a very firm mattress will be more suitable because it will support your spine and reduce back pain. If you often sleep on your side, then you have to give importance to pressure points and choose a balanced, even soft mattress. For sleepers who prefer positions on their back, a balanced or firm model will be more suitable.

Choose the right materials

To choose your mattress , you have to take into account the composition of the model. Indeed, a memory foam mattress will not be designed with the same materials as a pocket spring mattress . In terms of bedding, memory foam is the new innovation: it adapts to your morphology and distributes pressure points to relieve pain related to bad sleeping positions. The latex offers a good rebound. There are many other possibilities, such as hybrid mattresses .

Choose the right filling

The fillings of the mattress will impact the comfort of reception , but also the quality of sleep according to the properties of thermo-regulation, ventilation, muscle recovery, etc. Depending on the materials used, the mattress can be described as "very soft", "soft" or "tonic". A distinction is made between natural fillings (cotton, wool, linen) and synthetic fillings (latex, polyester wadding, Outlast®). Depending on your needs and the sleep problems you encounter, one of these fillings will prove to be ideal!

Determine the level of support needed

Choosing your mattress according to the level of support you want is linked to the point of firmness, because the support needed depends directly on your physiology : a small build will appreciate soft support, while a larger build will prefer firmer support. What to do in the case of a couple with different sizes? You have two solutions: compromise with medium support or choose two mattresses of the same thickness, but with different supports. We must also not confuse support and welcome ! Because yes, a mattress can be firm with a soft welcome.

Choose the right size

It may seem obvious at first, but many people choose the wrong size mattress ! However, it is important to choose your mattress according to your morphology, but also the space available in your room. To define the size of your mattress, you must take into account:

  • The length : it is recommended to take a mattress 15 cm higher than your height in order to prevent your feet from protruding from the end of the bed.
  • The width : did you know that we turn over 40 times a night? A mattress of at least 160 cm wide is therefore necessary for a bed for 2 adults.
  • The thickness : generally, it is advisable to take a thickness greater than 20 cm for optimal comfort.


Now you know how to choose your mattress in 5 steps ! You will have understood it: the importance of the mattress is not to be underestimated in your life. It can be the cause, but also the solution, to some of your problems: stress, fatigue, joint and back pain, lack of vitality, etc. Choosing a good mattress eliminates all that! Do not hesitate to contact our Bdreams team if you wish to be advised in the choice of the mattress perfectly adapted to your needs !

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