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Discover the benefits of meditation

Les bienfaits de la méditation

Meditation sees its number of followers climb day by day. Indeed, it allows you to take a break in an increasingly stressful environment both professionally and personally. Meditation has many benefits when practiced daily. Let's discover together its benefits to get started as soon as possible!

Meditation is good for health 

This practice will seduce you thanks to the many advantages it presents: better sleep , better mood, improved creativity… If your practice becomes regular, meditation will very quickly improve your inner well-being! Starting to meditate will allow you to better understand your wounds, your ailments and your emotions.


Meditation improves concentration, attention and memory. Through daily practice of the discipline, areas related to learning and memory develop further. The brain is stimulated and better oxygenated, which therefore slows down brain aging.

You will notice better concentration if you do regular meditation. Your cognitive functions and positive focus of attention will also increase. 

The stress 

If your wish is to reduce your daily stress, then you have a good reason to start meditation. Indeed, it reduces anxiety states and decreases the release of cortisol which causes stress. This bad feeling and anxious state are limited through meditation.

self compassion 

Paying attention to yourself while meditating could be very beneficial to you. Indeed, taking a moment for yourself allows you to refocus in your body. Meditation helps to develop kindness and positive feelings towards oneself and towards others. It allows you to cultivate your compassion and allows a better connection to those around you. 


Meditation can improve key mood components like happiness or irritability. Indeed, if you experiment with meditation, you will notice a harmonization of your mood over time. 

One of the main benefits of meditation is that it reduces or even cuts off mental ruminations. Your parasitic thoughts will be diminished.

Meditation can also have a positive impact on physical and mental health. It limits bad feelings like anxiety or depression. Even if meditation cannot of course erase them, it allows you to experience these emotions less negatively. Your emotions will be regulated and you will be better able to manage them.

In summary, meditation makes you happy !

The sleep

Meditation creates a sense of well-being and helps relax the body . It helps to improve the quality of sleep and falling asleep.

You will soon be sleeping like on a cloud and will never want to leave your bed! Be sure to equip yourself with a quality mattress or mattress topper in order to further improve your quality of sleep.


Meditation is an immunity booster. It reduces inflammation in the body.

Your immune system will be strengthened after doing a meditation session. Your possible chronic pain will be regulated and reduced. You will then notice better resistance to pain as well as TOP cardio and immunity!

Start the practice gently

To begin, we advise you to free yourself 10 minutes a day to meditate, this will allow you to gain clarity and discover yourself in depth.

What position to adopt to meditate

Whether you have your eyes closed or open, whether you are sitting, lying, standing or in action, you can meditate! Indeed, one of the false beliefs about meditation is that you have to be seated in a lotus position in absolute silence to meditate. However, there are many forms of meditation such as guided meditation, mindfulness meditation or yoga; you just have to choose the practice that suits you best and set up your daily ritual to do at home, or in the studio.

Letting go

Meditation is a discipline that allows you to let go. This allows you to clear your head. To practice mindful meditation is to stop for a short time and come back to the present moment.

Breathing is the secret of meditation! For this, you can use an application like Petit Bambou or Respirelax+ to regulate your breath. YouTube is full of short meditation videos like Mike Meditations (tested and approved channel!).

Certain inner (like your thoughts) and outer (like air movements) sensations appear during the practice: welcome them, don't judge them and let go.

And here's our most important tip: smile when you're done! Be grateful for taking this time for yourself.

To go further and combine meditation with a sports practice, you can start the practice of Yoga, for this we advise you to start with the mats made of natural material from Yogamatata .

"Ginkgo" Yoga Mat :

In conclusion 

Buddha said "From meditation comes wisdom": this state of consciousness during which the attention is anchored on the present moment in a calm way is certainly made for you if you feel a need for serenity or inner peace. So go ahead and start meditating! 

We would be delighted to help you combine meditation and quality of sleep by equipping you with a Bdreams mattress or mattress topper . In addition, it is with pleasure that we will receive your testimony on the practice of meditation if you wish!

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