When to use a mattress topper?

Utiliser un surmatelas

When should a mattress topper be used? We reveal 4 situations in which the use of a mattress topper is particularly relevant!

When to use a mattress topper? We tell you everything

When should a mattress topper be used ? We see more and more this bedding accessory on the front of the stage. But what exactly is it for? Is it recommended for everyone? In which situations is its use recommended? We reveal everything in this article!

4 ideal situations to know when to use a mattress topper

When your mattress is too old

Your mattress is starting to age. And even with the best maintenance, its quality inevitably deteriorates over the years. But what if you don't want to part with it right away? You can use a mattress topper ! This extra layer of comfort will bring a second life to your mattress by restoring firmness and rebound.

When you have back pain

Do you have back problems? Do you suffer from neck and back pain when you wake up? Using a mattress topper for back pain is a very good solution, whether it is rheumatism or poor blood circulation. Indeed, the mattress topper is a bedding accessory that eliminates pressure points when lying down and distributes the weight of your body evenly. By filling the gaps between your body and the mattress, it reduces tension and arches to relieve your joints and muscles. For intense back problems, a memory foam mattress topper is your best ally: it is a model that will help you a lot to remove the tension received by your back and stimulate your blood circulation.

When the firmness of your mattress is not for you

Perhaps your mattress seemed perfect to you when you bought it, but you are not so convinced now: it lacks comfort because it is too firm or, on the contrary, too soft. The problem is, you can't invest in a new mattress right away. So what to do? Using a mattress topper is the solution for you! It will provide additional firmness or conversely more softness. Simply slide it between your mattress and your fitted sheet to enjoy better quality sleep !

When you have night sweats

Do you sweat a lot at night? Night sweats can ruin your bedding, as the moisture from your perspiration will be absorbed into the fibers. To overcome this problem, there are thermo-regulating mattress toppers : they dry very quickly, regulate your body temperature and help to evaporate perspiration more easily. No more bothered by sweating during the night! In addition, a mattress topper is very easy to install and remove, which facilitates its cleaning and maintenance. If you combine its use with thermoregulating bed linen , your night sweating will no longer be a problem!

Our advice for choosing your mattress topper

How to choose a mattress topper adapted to your needs? To begin with, it must be the size of your mattress: neither bigger nor smaller. If you want sleeping independence or if you do not have the same needs as your partner, opt for two single mattress toppers. Regarding the thickness, we recommend a minimum of 4 cm thick to guarantee your comfort. Avoid going beyond 8 cm so that your body does not sink into the mattress topper when lying down. Finally, the filling also plays a very important role: synthetic materials are economical and easy to maintain, while natural materials are comfortable with thermoregulation properties . The mattress topper is a bedding accessory that is suitable for all budgets, as there are entry-level models at less than 50 € and high-end models at 300 €.


Anyone can use a mattress topper , even without specific problems. It is an accessory that brings an additional layer of comfort . However, its use is particularly recommended in the event of an aging or unsuitable mattress, back pain or night sweats. If you want expert advice for choosing your mattress topper , contact our Bdreams team !

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