Which mattress topper for back pain?

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Do you often have back pain when you wake up? Are you looking for a mattress topper to reduce your pain? Find out how to choose your mattress topper!

Which mattress topper to choose for your back pain?

For most people, back pain is caused by a mattress that is too firm . Are you looking for a mattress topper for back pain , but you don't know how to choose from the multitude of models available to you? Do not panic: in this article, we explain how to choose your mattress topper to fight against your back pain when you wake up !

The interest of the mattress topper for back pain

Why buy a mattress topper for back pain ? This bedding accessory is generally recommended for people who wake up with back pain. Indeed, it optimizes the distribution of the weight of your body and therefore of the pressure points , to prevent them from concentrating on your back. You also benefit from better spinal alignment with the proper mattress topper. We often think that you have to choose a firm mattress for your back: this is far from always being true. If your mattress is too firm, it will on the contrary accentuate your pain. The same goes for mattresses that are too soft! What if this is your case? Fortunately, with a mattress topper for back pain , you don't need to invest in a new mattress right away: it provides you with softness and support for more restful and comfortable nights. In addition, if your bedding is old, adding an extra layer of comfort with a mattress topper is a durable and economical solution !

The criteria for choosing the right mattress topper

The type

There are different models of mattress toppers, which all meet a different need. Among those that would reduce back pain, we find the goose or duck feather mattress topper, the latex mattress topper , the shape memory mattress topper . You then have to choose according to your budget, your build and the problems encountered during your sleep.

The material

Then there are mattress toppers for back pain in different materials. Do you suffer from back pain, lumbago or sciatica? Depending on your back pain and its positioning, the material of the recommended mattress topper may change. Choosing a memory foam mattress topper is particularly recommended for painful lower back pain, a herniated disc or scoliosis. To reduce sciatica, a down or latex mattress topper may prove more comfortable, as it is softer. A rather firm mattress topper is recommended if you have an arched back when you wake up.

The best mattress topper for back pain

One of the best mattress toppers for back pain is the memory foam mattress topper . It is a model often recommended by orthopedists and osteopaths themselves to relieve back pain . The viscoelastic foam (initially formulated by NASA engineers for astronauts!) of which it is composed perfectly matches the shape of your body and adapts to your morphology. As soon as you move, it returns to its initial position thanks to its capacity for resilience . Memory foam supports and aligns your spine overnight, in the most natural position possible. It is a very good mattress topper for back pain , which provides you with quality sleep .

The other advantages of the memory foam mattress topper

The advantage with this type of mattress topper is that it offers you a multitude of additional benefits in addition to relieving your back pain ! Among the main ones, we can cite:

  • increase in the longevity of your mattress;
  • decrease in muscle and joint pain;
  • better quality of sleep;
  • increased comfort;
  • suitable for all body types;
  • absorbs the shocks and movements of the partner when moving;
  • limits movement in restless sleep:
  • excellent lifespan.


So there are different types of mattress toppers for back pain , but your best ally is probably the memory foam mattress topper ! It takes care of your back, but also your bedding. If you would like additional advice on choosing your mattress topper, contact our Bdreams team !

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