Mattress toppers: pros and cons

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What is the use of a mattress topper ? How and when to use it? At Bdreams we are experts! After 10 years of experimenting, researching and making the best mattress toppers, we now know the advantages and disadvantages of each and how to match them to your need for comfort. We give you the keys in this article.

For starters, what is a mattress topper for?

The mattress topper is placed on a mattress to provide it with an additional layer of comfort or more support. It is ideal for use when your mattress is too firm , when you suffer from back pain or when you are looking to extend the life of your new mattress. The support it provides delays the sagging and wear of your mattress and doubles its lifespan.

It is held in place by the fitted sheet , assuring the sleeper that the mattress topper will not slip, even if the sleeper is restless. After the box spring and the mattress , the mattress topper is the perfect solution to make a bed more comfortable when you don't want to replace all your bedding .

What characterizes it?

A mattress topper is generally between 4cm and 8cm and exists in different materials: high resilience foam , memory foam , bamboo, cotton...

Each material will bring its comfort property. Our Soft mattress topper, for example, is made up of a 100% cotton envelope with a microfiber filling which gives it ultra-cocooning comfort, the foam core is soft and soft, for a total of 7cm in thickness.

Composed of the same envelope, the Memory has been designed with viscoelastic memory foam, enveloping and sensitive to temperature, it better distributes the pressure of the weight of the body.

Regardless of the composition of the mattress topper, it is compatible with all types of mattresses and all sizes. You must take a mattress topper of the same size as your mattress.

Easier to clean than a mattress, the mattress topper acts as a protective barrier against stains, perspiration and premature deterioration.

What are the advantages ?

  • Extends the life of your mattress
  • Adds softness or support to your mattress
  • Allows deeper sleep
  • More hygienic, it is easier to clean than a mattress and limits the proliferation of perspiration
  • Save money on the purchase of a mattress

Disadvantages ?

  • In some cases, a memory foam or latex mattress topper , which are dense and enveloping materials, can maintain heat around the body

Whether it is to improve your comfort, increase the life of your mattress or save money, it is a bedding accessory that has become essential.

Not sure which of our mattress toppers to choose? Pass the test !

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