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Pocket spring mattress

On the mattress market you will have different compositions for different comforts, at Bdreams we have opted for 2 mattress compositions: foam and pocket springs . Known for its great longevity and firmness, the spring mattress can be simple or complex, find out how to choose the pocket spring mattress best suited to your need for comfort.

What is a pocket spring mattress?

The particularity of pocket springs is their packaging, individually wrapped in a fabric pouch, they limit the "squealing" noise, greatly reduce the deterioration of the mattress and ensure good sleeping independence. The spacing between the springs also guarantees optimum ventilation.

The main advantages of the pocket spring mattress are:

  • unwavering support
  • continuous ventilation of the mattress
  • great sleeping independence
  • long life

For all these reasons, the pocket spring mattress , when it is well chosen, meets the comfort expectations of all sleepers. The pocket spring mattresses that make up the Bdreams range of mattresses are the Essential , the simple and firm mattress, and the Cosmos , the hybrid between foams and springs.

Who is he talking to ?

This type of mattress is recommended for any type of morphology , but it will be particularly appreciated by people of large build. Indeed, its structure made of steel gives it great resilience and support.

Also, people who suffer from perspiration will see a real advantage in opting for a pocket spring mattress which benefits from excellent ventilation and therefore impeccable hygiene.

Depending on the number of springs that fill the mattress and their thickness, the comfort will vary between flexibility and firmness to please the greatest number!