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In the collective imagination, a firm mattress is a guarantee of quality, the certainty of sleeping well and not experiencing sagging. But is it really the right choice? Will you sleep better on a firm mattress? In this article we will explain the differences in firmness according to each material and the advantages they have, so you can choose the most suitable mattress for you and who knows, maybe it will be soft!

  • The different types of firmness:

You will have several types of firm mattress but also several degrees of firmness to take into account: from the semi-firm mattress , firm to very firm. Spring mattresses , pocket springs, foam, memory foam, natural latex, many technologies are available to you in your quest for firmness, how to tell them apart?

Spring mattress or pocket springs: it is a firm mattress model, very widespread, it offers excellent ventilation and support.

Soft foam mattress: polyurethane foam provides the firm and progressive support the spine needs. A soft welcome with the support your back needs.

Memory foam mattress: adapts to the morphology of each sleeper. This foam offers ideal comfort for sleepers, combining softness and firmness.

Natural latex mattress: provides firm and plump support, ideal for large body types.

  • Which sleeper for a firm mattress?

There are different levels of firmness (semi-firm, firm, very firm) which depend on the level of density and the quality of the filling, but also on the morphology of the sleeper.

Your morphology, height and weight will be important criteria for judging the firmness of a mattress. It is therefore essential to study the corpulence of the sleeper!

For polyurethane or memory foam mattresses , a small build with a thin build (less than 70 kg) will have a semi-firm to firm feel, except a large build with a strong build will prefer a less soft mattress. For heavy sleepers, spring or natural latex mattresses , considered very firm, will be ideal to provide them with the support necessary for their morphology.

A person of small build will therefore have more difficulty sleeping on a spring or natural latex mattress that will be too firm.

  • Combine firmness and comfort

So now that you have understood how to choose a firm mattress, we advise you if you are looking for enveloping comfort, deep sleep and no pain when you wake up, a medium-firm mattress. In the Bdreams range of mattresses with a soft welcome and firm support, we have the Osmoz made of memory foam and polyurethane, the Essential in pocket springs and the Cosmos our hybrid between foam and pocket springs.

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